Mike and Maggie McKinney, this is a couple that together form the band Lucky Mud. This is about as authentic as country, folk and honky tonk gets! Some folks call it Americana but it's hard for me to ever declare a genre to any singer songwriter. Lucky Mud plays Lucky Mud...that is what they are. I am listening and I am loving it. I personally love outlaw country, not this new crap they have on "country" stations. Lucky Mud can play almost any genre, but they catered to what I love during our Friday Night Originals broadcast. These two are all about the music and not about themselves. They selflessly organize an ongoing coalition of national songwriters, keeping them on a rotation of playing in the area....anywhere they can. Do yourself a favor and jump into the mud, the Lucky Mud. I promise you that it will be a great experience.

"Hear what the McKinneys call “Mud Music,” a blending of voices and sounds from their roots in Ireland and England to their lyrics and melodies with a decidedly American twist. Their performances sometimes involve yodeling or incorporate rhythmic drumbeats, but always rely on what they call “rootsy, wicked, belt-it-out swamp sounds.”
Lucky 13 This local husband-wife folk duo seems to always have new music up their sleeves. Their newest full-length album is a mix of folky, southern-inspired whimsical tunes like “Blackberry Jelly” and stories about people who didn’t quite do right (“Amber Alert”). But it’s the two ballads that steal the spotlight with emotional intimacy and authenticity. - Nikki Hedrick
"Music is a part of the blood; the hot, pulsing beat Maggie and Mike McKinney were born with. Lucky Mud's music comes from black dirt and red clay, from the thick and ancient oaks fringed with swaying Spanish moss, from deep, swift rivers and impenetrable swamps that make up the lush and wild Florida Gulf Coast. Slow folk ballads and coarse honky-tonk are there, as well as echoes of rock and blues that come from growing up in the shadow of 'family' stories. Stories that true Southerners are born into. Death stories, tales of lost wealth and lost causes are the fairy tales of the South. And Lucky Mud's music reflects that. As Maggie says in her song, Ride the Pony, "Friendship is like a faithful pony/ Waiting patiently beside the gate/ He'll be there for you when you are lonely/ And he'll always help you find your way." Coming from two Pioneer Florida families, Maggie and Mike McKinney have traveled the world on their music. From The Forge, a cowboy hangout in Bandera, Texas, to a sold-out concert at The Linenhall in Castlebar, Ireland, from Key West, Florida, to a working man's pub in Newcastle, England, their music is the core of their lives."
Review of Lucky Mud's CD Into the Night This folk duo whips up 14 songs on the topics of love, loss and longing. With a penchant for storytelling, the pair is out to revive a bare bones approach to traditional American folk music. Highlights include “All I Know”—as the duo’s harmonies lead the way through the chorus and lyrics—to the surprisingly dark “Who Am I?”
Recorded live from the Martin Theater in Panama City (FL) for public radio station WKGC, Lucky Mud’s latest CD is a showcase of original contemporary folk music that’s pure down-home Americana. With only acoustic guitar backing, husband and wife duo Mike and Maggie McKinney trade off lead vocal duties over the course of 16 songs that range from Mike’s beautifully melancholic “Evangeline,” to Maggie’s wonderful show-closer, “Ride the Pony.” Opening with the infectious “Radio Intro,” a short ditty for the host station that’s a throw-back to old-time live radio programs, Lucky Mud sets the tone for a set long on heartfelt narratives of simple joys and bittersweet truths. Maggie’s “Mississippi Queen,” with its bluesy refrain, and Mike’s “Born to Honky-Tonk,” a Jerry Jeff Walker-ish tune complete with yodels, hint at Lucky Mud’s musical reach, but it’s the duo’s milk-and-honey harmonies – as on the aching ballad, “Silver Spoon” – that wraps their sound up into one neat package. Presumably the 1st of a series, Lucky Mud’s “Live at the Martin Theater, Vol. 1” CD is a terrific mix of tuneful and meaningful folk songs as rich as the American musical traditions they reflect.
New live Americana radio show in Panama City, FL hosted by Lucky Mud July 10, 2009 by DirtyLinen Lucky MudLucky Mud will be hosting an hour-long radio show this Summer in Panama City, Florida, featuring all original Americana music. Mud will introduce a new guest artist or group each week to a live audience in the Green Room of the Martin Theatre, downtown, Panama City, every Sunday, beginning July 12th at 4pm with Highway 19. The format will be live music/interview with Lucky Mud playing a few songs then sharing the hour with each guest. All guests in the 10 week show tour the Southeast US, and will have an opportunity for exposure both on WKGC fm radio, the local college station, and via streaming online Saturdays at 5pm Central Time following the show, starting July 18th on wkgc.org. The lineup for the radio show is: Highway 19 – July 12 Jubal’s Kin – July 19 Grant Peeples – July 26 Gileah Taylor – August 2 Doug Spears – August 9 Jerry Mincey – August 16 Mike Jurgensen – August 23 Blue Ribbon Healers – August 30 Mimi Hearn and the Hearndogs – September 9 Slim Fatz – September 13 If you can’t be a part of the audience, please listen in and comment to luckymudmusic.com. Lucky Mud has six CDs of original music on CD Baby and have toured for many years from The Forge in Bandera, Texas, to a sold-out concert at the Linenhall Arts Centre in Castlebar, Ireland…. from a working man’s pub in Newcastle, England to the Conch Republic in Key West. They are currently working on a new CD and will begin a second season of monthly music concerts at their home called Maggie’s farm — a 7 acre farm near the beautiful Econfina Creek in the Florida Panhandle (fed by 7 natural springs, the Econfina Creek is visited year-round by canoe and kayak enthusiasts from around the country, and is part of a pristine management area).
Jim Allison August 28, 2008 Mike and Maggie really hope you guys enjoyed the east coast. Verdict is in from your seafood festival gig, hurry up and come back!!! The organizer told me the comments were exceptional!!! Great Job.

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