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Lucky Mud: Home


Major changes on the way.

This Thursday night, May 19th, Lucky Mud will play a farewell concert at Topsail Hill State Park. This will close the weekly free concert series at the state park after 165 shows that brought 60 - 100 people into the beautiful amphitheater area weekly since 2013.

The State has decided it doesn't want this concert series to continue, so will no longer offer a cabin or campsite to the touring singer/songwriters who have stopped to play from places as far away as Northern California and Philadelphia.

Everything changes, and Lucky Mud's concert series rides the tides. The edict came down on a Wednesday. On the following day we were offered a large and beautiful house in West Bay, just a few miles north of Panama City Beach.

A place to house our musical guests. A Grace Note that couldn't be more appreciated.

This generosity, and the amazing community of music supporters in our area who have stepped in to help, from 30A Radio Coffee Shop to Bruno's Pizza, will keep the music going.

The concerts will continue at the legendary Roberts Hall and there will be new venues in the near future.

We'll keep you posted......

Lucky Mud has a brand new CD! Thirteen original songs by Maggie and Mike McKinney.

It's called Lucky 13, and is now available through this website or at CD Baby -

Lucky 13

"This local husband-wife folk duo seems to always have new music up their sleeves. Their newest full-length album is a mix of folky, southern-inspired whimsical tunes like “Blackberry Jelly” and stories about people who didn’t quite do right (“Amber Alert”). But it’s the two ballads that steal the spotlight with emotional intimacy and authenticity."

- Nikki Hedrick

Marvin Holdman added three Lucky Mud songs to Youtube at:

We would love to hear what you think of them.

-Maggie and Mike

All Lucky Mud CDs and songs can be heard here on the website, and purchased from CD Baby.

Having spent almost 7 years under the Nashville spell in the years of transition from the Country Music tradition of story telling through lyric to the current trend of songwriting by committee, Mike and Maggie McKinney returned to their Florida roots disillusioned with music.

Michael McKinney became a well-respected author with a starred review in Publishers Weekly and accolades across the country for his first novel, 'A Thousand Bridges.'

But the love for songwriting still haunted them. Through a magical moment of clarity at the Kerrville Folk Festival in the Nineties, the realization struck them that Nashville had become the "Business of Music," not the music itself. That's when Maggie and Mike became Lucky Mud. Their reformation became their musical salvation. The love of a beautifully written lyric paired with a melody that fits the words so seamlessly that they cannot be separated without mournful loss. The ability to reach out and touch an audience with a voice that comforts or stings. A voice that amuses or inspires.

Words have power and a great melody enhances that power. That's "Mud Music." Their love of a great song has taken them on journeys throughout the world.

Their original music has taken them from the Legendary Linenhall in Castlebar, Ireland, to Campbell's Pub on the wild coast of County Mayo in the West and throughout Connemara. From the island of Sark, in the Tidy Bowl blue English Channel, to the bridge-bound streets of Newcastle Upon Tyne in Northern England and Bandera, Texas, (yes, it is another country) to the beautiful hills of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick in Canada. Lucky Mud has shared their Florida swamp roots 'Mud born' music.

Lucky Mud has opened for and shared stages with both the infamous and famous musicians currently touring today. From the legendary songwriter Eric Taylor to the irreverent Grant Peeples. From the mesmerizing talents of California folk-duo Paul Kamm and Eleanore MacDonald to the sultry-voiced Sally Spring. Too many incredible voices singing out in the wilderness of satellite radio channels and independent music sources to name, but all equally blessed with the true gift of storytelling. Too honest for Nashville. Too gifted to compromise by writing songs-by-committee. The music, and nothing but the music, matters.

Lucky Mud can be contacted for bookings at: or 850.722.4915

Or here at this website

LUCKY MUD - "From yodeling to rhythmic drumbeats, from soft, sweet harmonies to rootsy, wicked, belt-it-out Swamp sounds, Lucky Mud makes 'Mud Music!' Their latest release is PRIDE, and their music has taken them from yearly tours of Ireland and the British Isles, from Nova Scotia to Texas and the main stages of the Florida Folk and Will McLean Festivals."

"Lucky Mud is from the deeper side of Folk Music. The couple have a soulful connection that is palpable." -EARBUZZ

"This folk duo whips up 14 songs on the topics of love, loss and longing on their CD Into the Night. With a penchant for storytelling, the pair is out to revive a bare bones approach to traditional American folk music. Highlights include “All I Know”—as the duo’s harmonies lead the way through the chorus and lyrics—to the surprisingly dark “Who Am I?”

- Nikki Hedrick/ Beachcomber Magazine 30A

The First and Second Annual Lucky Mud Roots and Wings Music Festivals were a great success! Thanks for supporting us and for attending that amazing day of workshops and music!

We're already planning Number Three for January, 2017.

Check out the lineup into 2016 on our calendar for an amazing array of Americana music.


Brian Smalley came back to blow the crowd away at both shows!

Frank Lindamood's return engagement

Lis and Lon Williamson were wonderful!

Larry Mangum back with a great new CD - I Know Why the Hippy Girls Dance

Gary Nichols returned with a brand new CD!

Well Worn Soles

Blues duo DieDra and Keith Ruff

Strangled Darlings

Dana Cooper returned

Brother Brother


Wyatt Espalin returned by audience request.

Lucky Mud's CD release party for Lucky 13.

Sally Spring and Ted Lyons

The Second Annual Lucky Mud Roots and Wings Festival brought five acts to Roberts Hall! Lucky Mud, Sally Spring, The New 76ers, Kamm and MacDonald and Steve Gillette with Cindy Mangsen. All in one day, preceeded by three hours of workshops. All for 25 bucks! Roots and Wings III is already in the works for January, 2017. Stay tuned....

Shelita Burke

The Currys

Nikki Talley

Carly Bak returned

Michael Jordan

Too Many Smiths

Lauren Heintz back by audience request.

Norm McDonald

Gary Nichols returned.

Frank Julian returned,

Mimi Hearn and Frank Graham

Friction Farm

O'Don Piano

Pierce Pettis

Jig to a Milestone

The return of Matt Prater

The Sarah Mac Band

Buddy Mondlock, a repeat performance

Clint Singleton

Tom Kimmel

Nikki Talley returned

The Florida Music and Food Initiative collected over 500 pounds of food for the local food bank.

Slim Fatz

Brian Cairnes

The Obscure Brothers (Bob Patterson and Charley Simmons)

Elaine Mahon

The return of Larry Mangum

Richard del Val

Lydia Smith

Roy Schneider and Kim Mayfield

Granville Automatic

Cole Washburn

Kamm and MacDonald

Grant Peeples

Eric Taylor

Sally Spring returned

Mean Mary

Mimi Hearn

Charlotte Moreau

Ellen Bukstel

Nikki Tally

Slim Fatz

Matt Prater, returns

Bing Futch

Scott Wetter

Pierce Pettis returned

John French

Katherine Archer,returned.

The return of Brian Smalley

The New 76ers, back by audience request

The Bridget Kelly Blues Band returned for their second 4th of July extravaganza!

Frank Julian

Matthew Cochran

Belmont and Jones with a return engagement.


Michael Koppy

Aerial Melvin and The Boys

Carly Bak

Jackson Creek returned

Larry Mangum

Simple Folk (Paul and Kay Garfinkle with Al Scortino)

Alicia McGovern

Gary Nichols

Paul Kamm and Jonny Mojo of the Powerhouse band Achilles Wheel

Dana Cooper

Liz and Lon Williamson

The return of Mud

Ken Skeens and Lee Goldsmith

Dan Gribbin

Beaucoup Blue

Pierce Pettis returned

Buddy Mondlock

Matt Prater

Sally Spring with Ted Lyons

Leigh and Steve Humes

Belmont and Jones

Lauren Heintz

Charlie Groth with Linda Pottsberg

Pat C

Frank Lindamood

Katherine Archer

The Gail Carson Trio, with Carly Bak and Carolyn Dunn

Amy and Joan Alderman

Lucky Mud

Bridget Kelly, with Tim Fik

The New 76ers

Daniel Craig Hardin

Andy Dubois

Brian Smalley

The Bridget Kelly Blues Band

Pierce Pettis

Jackson Creek

Kelly Hundley

Charlotte Warnberg-Moreau

Emmett Carlisle

The Tinkers

Slim Fatz

Larry Mangum

Ron Johnson

Brian Kennedy


Grant Peeples

Rebekah Pulley

Bob Patterson

Hananel and Friends

We're already booked into Fall, 2016. Join us!


Roberts Hall, 831 Florida Avenue in downtown Lynn Haven, Florida. This grand wooden structure holds a dance hall upstairs where Hank Williams, Sr. performed as a very young man.

Topsail Hill State Park, 7525 W. Scenic Hwy 30A at Santa Rosa Beach on the spectacular Gulf Coast has offered its outdoor theater for a weekly Thursday night concert, and our musical guests will also be provided a beautiful cabin for several days at the park - a little mini-vacation off the road. It's at the end of 30A, a very musical road for Americana and touring musicians.